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For many years I have been thrilled about our little Sub-Alpine country, Slovenia. At that time,, the ultimate tourist web portal was established, and the story started there. Discovering Slovenia and its new places is my passion, and I united all of it on the web portal, which led to the further discovery of local experiences and hidden places.

I am the co-founder of AR application TaleUp, which creates various stories for visitors of Slovenia, and in cooperation with ŠKTD Farjovca, we created AR insight into the medieval church in small Karstic village Vojščica. All that is leading to a desire to show local experiences and connecting visitors to Slovenia with our culture, history, locals, and more.

I have been working in tourism for many years, in various fields, lately more on the local level, developing AR and VR experiences in tourism and other fields, providing hidden gems to visitors and making our country known to the visitors.

You can find me on below links:
Trail blog:
Karst Heritage:
Sports Tracker:
Tik Tok:

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